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  1. At Final Word Inspection Service we have used shock alert when inspecting pools, hot tubs and dock. in 2018 we found 4 dock that had electrical current bleeding into the water all of which would have cause ESD if not detected. We found defective GFCI’s, boat dock lift pump shorts, deteriorated OS cable, faulty boat wiring, improper grounding, the list goes on. We recommend to our clients to purchase the Shock Alert along with a good GFCI tester and always recommend to have a licensed electrical company to come annually to replace any devices that become weathered.

    Anyone having a dock with electricity to it, or a hot tub should get a shock alert.

  2. We recently purchased one of your units for our Yacht Club to do testing at our pedestals. Can you tell me anything about the level of current that shockalert is detecting at each stage of the red LED’s flashing and audible alarm sounding?

    ie. One red LED and one audible alarm = ? (How many millivolts/volts of current?)
    Two red LED and 2 audible alarm = ? (How many milivolts/volts of current?)
    Three = ?
    Four = ?

    I don’t see this information in the manual or on-line on your site.

    Thank you !
    Garland Zimmerman
    ABYC Certified Tech / NEMA Certified Tech

    • Shock Alert Team Says

      Hi Garland,
      I apologize for the late response. In regards to your question, we do not call out the current for each level of warning as it depends on the conductivity of the water. As for the voltage gradient at each level of warning, please refer to the table on page 12 of the Owner’s Manual. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact customer service at or 844-667-4625 for a fast response.

      Thank you,
      The Shock Alert Team

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