Not much at all. It takes only small amounts of leaking AC to incapacitate or electrocute a person. As small an amount as 15 milliamps can cause paralysis, 100 milliamps – or a third of the amount of electricity need to light a 40-watt light bulb – can kill a person in seconds. In comparison, a double AA battery produces 2400 milliamps per hour.

  • Can Shock Alert detect a shock hazard in the air. Used in pool and test was good but when I picked it up and walked to switch to turn off pool light, Shock Alert alarmed. Will it only operated correctly in the water? Also, do I need to complete a warranty info. sheet for purchase on 6/21/17 order no. 5215

    • Shock Alert Team says:

      Hi Phillip,
      Thank you for your question. The Shock Alert was not designed as a non-contact voltage tester. It was designed for use in the water and should be used accordingly.

      For your question about the warranty, you do not need to register the product, but if you need to obtain warranty service, you must call customer service at 1-844-667-4625 within one year from date of purchase. You can find more information about the warranty on page 15 of the Shock Alert manual. Here is a direct link to the manual:

      Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

      – Shock Alert Team

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